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At Cyberhawkz we offer a range of services to suit your project and budget.​


The aerial photography package will capture stunning images of your business or product; great for the hospitality sector, or provide aerial images of a residential or commercial asset to provide a unique perspective and assist in sales or promotion of property or venues.  High quality stills, in digital or printed media. 

Hire a UAV Operator who, after initial consultation, will capture aerial footage of a location, venue or an event in breath taking 4K UHD video. The media will be delivered in RAW format for you to edit as as required.  

Or, why not use our fully bespoke service?  We take care of the complete workflow.  From planning the key aspects you wish to capture, to taking the footage and creating the final, edited product. 

For dynamic footage, our FPV package delivers exciting, adrenaline fuelled, close to the action footage, perfect for extreme sports, motor racing or cinematic purposes.

Aerial survey can capture critical data specifically for your purposes.  Often, when information is needed, especially if access is restricted or dangerous, it is far safer to use a drone to obtain visual information.  3D maps can be generated and assist in a cost effective decision making process.


Quadcopter Drone


  • HDR stills for use in the real estate and hospitality industry.

    2 hr

  • We work with you to capture your event using specialist drones

    2 hr

    starting from £200
  • First Person View or FPV offering exciting and dynamic perspectives.

    2 hr

    starting from £200
  • In depth consultation and let us do the rest

    7 hr

    starting from £700
  • Photogrammetry and 3D mapping

    2 hr

    call us for a quote
  • 3D mapping

    2 hr

    call us for a quote
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